Throughout the development process for a given project, 4   are   the   stages   that  are consistent and evolutionarily related systematically to obtain the final product.. There are the following:

Step#1 / Strategy:

The goal here is to acquire an idea of which solution will be developed as well as define the scope of the project. It is useful as a first feasibility study. If projects are medium or large projects, a Software Development Plan is made up, where the goals, overall requirements, tasks to develop, working group involved, estimates of effort, time limits and cost of the project are documented. For small projects we prepare a proposal containing in detail the requirements, costs and delivery times.


Step#2 / Requirements and Design:

We start with a detailed study of the requirements. ​They   represent   what   is  expected   the   system   to   do. They are extracted, organized and interpreted, making an appropriate documentation, verifying the accuracy and completeness of it. The design phase consists in transforming the wishes of the client in a solution that satisfies the requirements raised. After this stage, having an insight into the customer requirements and the solution to be developed, the cost and timelines, estimated in the previous stage, are corrected.


Step#3 / Development and Test:

The solution designed in the previous phase is developed. The final graphic designs are made, the layout is developed, the databases are created and the required functionalities are coded using the appropriate tools and standards. Finally, tests are conducted to ensure the proper functioning of the system. The proper integration with other system is verified.


Step#4 / Deployment and Maintenance:

The system is enabled to be used by the end users. The operation is monitored providing quick responses to possible incidents.​ If   it’s   necessary,   it   will   be   divulged   by   using  marketing techniques. Changes can be made when new requirements arise.

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